SHIPPING CATS: a no-no or a plausible option

I’m in Minnesota but I want a cat from Florida. What do I do?” We asked ourselves this very question when adopting our boy, Sullivan, from a cattery in Florida.

If you’ve ever adopted, you know traveling with cats is a very real thing. The number one concern for the owner and the breeder is always the kittens safety. Most people think they’re too small to carry onto an airplane. We had the option to pay for a $400 courier (also called a nanny) to fly our new kitten across the country to us. We considered it, but found flights much cheaper, and decided to go pick up Sully ourselves.

Since we are so experienced with cats, the flight was a breeze. We carry the kitten on the plane with us in a kennel that holds a litter box, food, and water for the kitten to meet all of his needs. We also were there for him every step of the way when we needed it.

So, a question we often face is, should we offer nannying for our own kittens we adopt out? We made the decision to offer our own service for our kittens. Because we love and care about our kittens so much, we decided to bring them to their new owners personally, even if it means flying across the country.

Since we have done this before and the owners trust us, it makes this process way less stressful on both sides. This is often usually a much cheaper as well, as round trip tickets are usually less than $400. SO now, we offer flight service for our own kittens, the buyers will just have to pay for the plane ticket on top of the total cost. Of course, their is always the option to come pick up the kittens yourself and see where the kittens are raised here in Central Minnesota.

Keely Bauerly