Avoiding Litter-box Tackiness

We’ve gotten several questions about litter boxes: what kind of litter we use, what kind of boxes we have, and some little tricks we use to help your house stay clean and smell-free.

We hate the look of cheap plastic litter boxes. These are some litter boxes we have that look better than plain plastic ones. We get ours from the container store, and have put them in quite a few places around the house. We first make sure the spaces are well ventilated, and not very visible from where guests generally visit. We have put them in places like the laundry room, the corner of the basement, a downstairs bathroom, etc. We clean them everyday, if not twice a day. The cleaner you keep your litter box, the less it’ll smell and the cleaner your cat’s tush will be.

We use the Tidy Cats 24/7 odor control cat litter, and usually get everything off chewy.com so we get a 10% off discount, which is usually cheaper than any other store. Before we put the litter in, we line the bottom of the pale with baking soda to prevent contents from sticking from the bottom and also to help control the smell. With Intact Male cats, their urine will smell more potent, and might require you to clean your litter box more often or need something extra to help control the smell.

As for the electronically cleaning litter boxes that are the fad— we have not used those. We don’t have any positive or negative feelings towards them. They are very expensive and to get as many as we’d need for our house would not be realistic. Plus having an electronic thing that your cats sit in kind of freaks us out, too.

Keely Bauerly