PET vs SHOW kitten/cat?

If you’re on our site, you’ve probably seen our posts about kittens, but you have have noticed some of them say pet quality, and some say show/breeder quality.

We determine this based on the CFA persian breed standard. This is a very long book of the body and coat standards of persians. If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can find it here: By doing this, we can determine the price of the cat and choose what type of home they will be placed in.

When we deem our kittens pet or show quality, it generally tends to be with the body, or what you usually can’t see in photos. This usually includes: doming (dome from nose to forehead), body type (stocky, heavy), legs (short), head (smooth), ears (small, round). On most kittens/cats, these usually aren’t a problem. The best of the kittens from the litter will be placed in show homes, and the kittens that aren’t go to pet homes. The most common, uncontrollable feature can be the unicorn, which is a bump on the cat’s top head. This isn’t a good thing for showing because it’s not up to standard, but it does not mean there’s anything wrong with your cat.

Pet kittens that are sold come with CFA limited registration, which means that the kittens are registered with CFA, but you won’t be able to breed them. If you’d like full CFA registration, it needs to be talked about otherwise and will usually include a breeding rights fee.

Keely Bauerly