Pet Friendly Plants

Loving plants and loving cats gives us one major dilemma: they don’t always go well with each other.

Whether you have cats or dogs; your plants will be nibbled on and played with every now and then. Being a pet lover myself, I only find pet friendly plants for the floors and tables. This way my home is full of plants and my pets are safe. Here’s a list of indoor plants you can get that aren’t toxic for your animals:

  1. Bird’s Nest Fern. This is a great plant to get for low to medium light and is really easy to maintain. Ferns love water, so it’s hard to overwater (which can cause root rot). Great for the beginner plant mom and pet owner.

  2. Pilea Pepermoiodes. This plant is super trendy lately for it’s fun circular leaves. If you get this plant you can be right on trend, even if your pets nibble on the leaves.

  3. Money Tree. This is a great one to get if you like bonsai trees, because it’s essentially a larger bonsai tree. It’ll bring some fun tropical vibes to your home and is a great plant for a corner of your house on the floor.

  4. Calathea Rattlesnake. This is a colorful + leafy plant for the fun plant and pet mom. It’s leaves are purple and green so will be a good change of pace from the usual green plants you probably own.

  5. Air plants and moss balls. Also trending right now— these plants are so fun to decorate empty shelves and centerpieces. They will be pet friendly even if your cat tries to play with it as a toy.

These are just a few pet friendly plants, although there is some more. It is very important to find pet friendly plants for accessible areas, and if your plants aren’t pet friendly, keep them out of reach from your furry friends. There are many that are very toxic to pets (Ex. Philodendron) so be sure you know what plants you have before you put them in the open.

Keely Bauerly