Here are the bath products we use on our persians: both ones we prepare for shows and keep as pets. We are not sponsored or affiliated with any company; these are just our own personal opinions we’ve made through trial and error.


  1. Dawn Dish Detergent. Almost every cat breeder who shows their cats will swear by this. Not only is it cheap, it gets your cats clean to the skin and is safe for them. Getting rid of oil and dirt is the goal of the bath, and this puppy will do the job.

  2. Jerob Degreaser. This is one of our favorite cat grooming brands. They don’t have all the frills that some of the other brands have and we like that about them. We use the degreaser at the end of the bath to make sure their is no extra soap or oil left on the coat. If their is soap or oil left on the coat, this will lead to knotting and oil, which can potentially harm or ruin your persians beautiful fluffy coat.

  3. Jerob Snowy Blue Shampoo. This shampoo is good for a cat that has any white in their coat. If their white coat is slightly tinted, this might help neutralize out the brassy color. We use this all over after the dawn shampoo rinse to attempt to keep their fur looking as natural-colored as possible.

  4. Dyson Hair Dryer. This is the hair dryer we use when drying all of our cats/kittens after their baths. This dryer is quieter, which may help with any anxieties your cat may have with a loud hairdryer. This dryer also has lots of power in it, which will help get your persian’s hair completely dry. It is very important to get your cat used to baths from an early age so they don’t mind it, and to completely dry them each time they are bathed. If you don’t completely dry them, knots will form on the undercoat and compromise their coat.

When washing and blow drying, avoid using a comb or brush at all costs. This will pull your cat’s hair out. If there are knots, gently pull them out with your finger. We try to give baths every week and a half if possible.

Baby sullivan post-bath at 6 months old.
Keely Bauerly