Fact or Fiction: Show Cat Edition

Exotics are shorthaired Persians. FICTION. Though they do look very similar, exotics and Persians are totally different breeds. You can breed them together, but any kitten for the next 3 generations will be exotics. Though it is usually frowned upon to breed Persians/exotics together. Therefore, there is no such thing as an “exotic Persian”.


Exotic are easier to groom than Persians. FICTION. Though they don’t get knots as easily, exotics can actually be just as “messy” as Persians. We have one pet exotic, and he sheds A TON. He does not get mats, but he gets many tiny knots. He blow dries quick, but their hair doesn’t wash as easily because it is dense. Persians do get bigger mats, but require just as much grooming and bathing.


 I want a teacup/miniature/dwarf/munchkin cat. NO YOU DON’T. There is no such thing as a munchkin cats. If they look small, they were probably deprived of nutrients when they were grown and are likely unhealthy. 


People who breed cats hate cats and are the reason cats are in shelters. FALSE, mostly. Some people are in it for the money, and are only in it to breed as many cats as possible for the most profit. The best way to tell if people actually care about their cats for breeding is if they take the time and effort (and money) to show them. Showing cats is not easy, and shows you care about your cats and about bettering the breed. Make sure you research a cattery before you adopt, otherwise check out your local shelter. 



Keely Bauerly