Catmas Gifts

The holidays are near, and it’s finally time to get gifts for your favorite creature: your cat. Here are some amazing + hilarious gifts ideas for your cat and furriends.

  1. Cat Couch. But not just any cat couch, this is a mid-century modern cat couch, that will also work for your small dog friends. This is one of the few cat beds I’ve seen that would actually look cool alongside your home decor.
  2. Mini Baguettes. No, they’re not edible, but your cat probably wishes they were. This mini toy is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, infused with catnip (so it’s bound to be their new favorite toy).
  3. Springs. We have to get a new pack of these every few weeks in our house because the cats love them so much. They get lost under the stove and fridge and are gone but never forgotten. But this I can promise you: your cat will love this toy more than you.
  4. Leather Name Tags. For my non-vegan friends out there, this is the cutest name tag known to man-kind. It is handmade, biodegradable, and from a Small business, so it’s a win/win/win!
  5. Baxknits. One of our cat friends on Instagram (@thehimmiesisters) has these and we are in LOVE. The fun colors and merino wool makes this a definite contender for a Catmas present.  We have yet to get one, so I can’t vouch for saying they’ll actually use it, but we love them regardless.
  6. Mini Teepee. This is such a hot item right now, which would be a perfect place to stash all those extra cat toys laying around.

Summary: your cat has expensive taste but you love them anyway.

Keely Bauerly